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School Development Plan 2021-22

  • To further develop the school's bespoke 'Challenge' Curriculum - VERY STRONG PROGRESS MADE

  • To develop processes relating to pupil assessment and progression - VERY STRONG PROGRESS MADE 

  • To implement the new ALN procedures- VERY STRONG PROGRESS MADE 

  • To review and further develop a whole school strategy for wellbeing - VERY STRONG PROGRESS MADE 

  • To review and update leadership structures across the school - STRONG PROGRESS MADE 

School Development Plan 2022-23

  • Sustain excellent teaching practices to maximise challenge and pupil levels of wellbeing and achievement

  • To further develop, embed and implement the school’s bespoke ‘Challenge’ curriculum, assessment and progression processes

  • To review and develop the teaching of mathematics and application across authentic learning in line with Curriculum for Wales

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