Science and Technology at Pentrepoeth

‘What Matters’

Through understanding ‘what matters’ about science and technology, learners will develop a solid understanding of the world around them to allow them to become confident, capable, creative citizens.

By taking account of the health and well-being of themselves and others, considering all evidence including critically analysing data or outcomes, learners make informed decisions, which develop them into healthy and confident individuals.

Scientific and technological issues are settled by ethical and informed citizens who evaluate and consider the overall strength of the evidence, combined with rational, moral, consistent and objective argument.

Science and technology endeavours to prove, disprove or achieve through innovation, prediction, testing and questioning enterprising, creative contributors. They will understand that if a repeatable observation, prototype or an experimental result does not support an idea or specification, then the idea has to be rejected or modified and then tested again in an iterative process.

Science and technology is dynamic. Ambitious and capable learners understand knowledge is always subject to challenge from new evidence, new and emerging technologies, and must accommodate whatever innovations in science and technology thinking and understanding that may arise in the future. They embrace challenge and generate solutions that may not be immediately obvious or within their current realm of understanding. They take risks, innovate and evaluate with resilience and purpose whilst both problem finding and problem solving to improve the everyday lives of themselves, people in their local community and the wider world.


Key Concepts & Strands

  • The understanding and application of precise algorithmic processes can develop software and hardware systems and solutions.

  • Through the application of design knowledge, skills and materials awareness, the iterative development of appropriate and innovative technical solutions improves everyday life and extends human activity.

  • The behaviour of the Universe at its most fundamental level, including matter, force, energy and space, as applied to both large objects and the constituents of matter.

  • Organisms are living things which have diverse structures and functions, which interact with each other and their environment, evolving over time.

  • Matter is made of particles, the behaviour and arrangement of which explain its properties, and which can be re-arranged to form new substances through chemical reactions.

  • There are ethical and ecological impacts and implications of science and technology at personal, local and global levels and beyond.

  • Technology enables scientific enquiry, improving our understanding of the world. The application of scientific understanding can result in technological solutions, engineered systems, product innovation and design.

  • Scientific methods, through the use of appropriate equipment, can identify patterns which allow us to form models that simulate and predict the behaviours under investigation.

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