Humanites at Pentrepoeth

‘What Matters’

Through exploring ‘what matters’ about the Humanities, pupils will study the past and present, and imagine possible futures, and will learn about people, place, time and beliefs.

Pupils will build, communicate and apply effectively, a solid base of knowledge and understanding of different times, places and beliefs, in order to become ambitious, capable learners.

They will develop a range of skills and dispositions, to become enterprising, creative contributors, in order to improve the everyday lives of people in their local community, Wales and in the wider world.

Through understanding and respecting different beliefs and understanding how to exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities, pupils will become ethical, informed citizens.

By developing personal stances on matters of faith, spirituality, sustainability and social inclusion they will become healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

Pupils will:

  • understand historical, geographical, political, economic, religious and societal concepts.

  • explore their environment to further develop their sense of place and wellbeing.

  • engage in learning experiences about rights, values, ethics, beliefs, religion, philosophy and spirituality.

  • consider, explore and make informed choices regarding sustainability and the impact of their actions.

  • positively contribute to their community and critically engage with local, national and global issues to become a responsible citizen of Wales and the wider world.


Key Concepts & Strands

  • Continuity, change and diversity impact on our world

  • Society is influenced by community, culture and power

  • Humanity faces many challenges that require informed and considered responses

  • People interpret and represent the world in different ways

  • Developing inquiring minds allows people to make sense of and engage with the world around them

  • Responsible citizens are ethically informed, critical thinkers and play an active part in society

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