Mathematics and Numeracy at Pentrepoeth

‘What Matters’

The Mathematics and Numeracy AOLE promotes mathematics as a purposeful and enjoyable lifelong learning experience, in an ever-changing world.

In developing a fluency in the language of mathematics, learners will encounter opportunities to develop a depth of knowledge, numerical and analytical skills and where appropriate, be able to apply these to a variety of situations across the wider curriculum and in real life situations.

Mathematics provides a logical framework when conducting evidence based discussions on a range of issues, including, but not confined to areas such as social, political, economic and environmental in order to develop informed views, conclusions and decisions.

The curriculum will provide opportunities for learners to be inquisitive and open-minded in their thinking as they develop competence, confidence and independence.

Learners will develop the ability to use the language of mathematics when communicating with others in order to express themselves, to calculate, validate, deduce, generalise and visualise.

There will be opportunities to develop resilience, to realise and accept mistakes, to reflect and learn, and understand that the process is important, as well as finding solutions.

Making connections between mathematical concepts and connections more broadly is integral to developing greater understanding and enabling learners to make sense of the world around them.


Key Concepts & Strands

  • The language of number is used to represent quantities and relationships.

  • Financial literacy develops responsibility, enterprise, personal growth and well-being.

  • Patterns and relationships can be generalised by using symbols, expressions and equations

  • Shapes can be visualised by representing them in space using the concepts of geometry, and some attributes can be measured.

  • Statistics and probability are used to make informed decisions.

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