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Criw Cymraeg

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Our Criw Cymraeg team are working towards gaining the Bronze award for Cymraeg Campus.

1.As a Criw Cymraeg we have organised a Croeso poster competition the winners posters are displayed in the entrance hall.

2.Criw Cymraeg are trying very hard to encourage more welsh in our school, this includes teachers and pupils!

3.In Criw Cymraeg we help the infants at dinner time. We remind the infants to use key phrases such as diolch and Ga i.

4.On Fridays in celebration assemblies the year 6 Criw Cymraeg pick out names from boxes.we pick out 1 infant child,1 junior child,1 infant member of staff and 1 junior member of staff.They all stand up and say who's been speaking the most welsh.

5.Criw Cymraeg have also designed many posters promoting welsh all around our school.

6.Mrs Bolton is designing a langauge charter Bronze award display in the hall for everyone to see.

7.Our plans for the future are that we would like to establish a link with High cross primary so we can speak welsh via email.

8.We have asked Mr Cleaves to organise welsh apps so we can use them on the iPads!

9.Another plan is to introduce class and yard games in Welsh.

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