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E Safety

Pentrepoeth Primary is committed to ensuring the e-safety and well-being of everyone involved in our school.  To this end we have started the process of auditing our practice and policies around e-safety.  We have achieved recognition from 360 Safe Cymru which recognises our progress in improving e-safety provision through the use of the 360 degree safe Self Review Tool. In the coming months we will continue this work with children, parents, staff and governors to ensure that our systems are robust and effective.

E-Safety Links

Here are some great websites, which will help parents understand the benefits and risks of using the internet. Click the links below to access the websites.




Parent info

Common Sense Media – a great website which explains some of the most common apps/games/websites and gives them an age appropriate rating. Also available as an iPad app from the iTunes App Store

Pentrepoeth Primary School - Online Safety Certificate of Commitment
Pentrepoeth Primary - CEOP Internet Safety
Pentrepoeth Primary School
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