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Languages, Literacy and Communication at Pentrepoeth

‘What Matters’



Languages, Literacy & Communication will develop ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world. Learning about languages and other forms of communication helps pupils participate effectively in education. It teaches them to appreciate and respect the needs and rights of others and helps them create diverse, cohesive and inclusive societies, locally, nationally and globally. Through experiencing, understanding and using languages in Wales, pupils will better understand their own identity, culture, community and society. Through language and literature, pupils will develop a sense of identity. They will be able to articulate, express and represent their own emotions 3 and be equipped to understand the emotions of others. Their sense of belonging will be strengthened; and this together with the development of their communication skills, will make them more confident individuals whose voices can be heard.

Languages, Literacy & Communication will develop enterprising, creative contributors to society with an awareness of different perspectives that comes with learning languages and modes of communication. Pupils will be enabled to use their multilingual skills to solve problems and think critically together and independently. Developing confidence to use languages enables pupils to adapt to different roles, to think creatively and be prepared to take risks as they experiment with new languages. They will creatively express and develop ideas and opinions.

Languages, Literacy & Communication will develop healthy, confident individuals who can articulate their thoughts and feelings, and interpret those of others, showing respect and developing strong, positive relationships so they can work with others to overcome challenges. They will use languages and literature to access information to support and keep themselves and others safe and well in the real and virtual world. They will understand how to think and engage critically with language and literature communicated in a range of media.

Languages, Literacy & Communication will develop ambitious, capable learners who become capable communicators. They will use Language, Literacy and Communication skills effectively in relevant contexts through Welsh, English and their other languages, digital media (and Augmented Assisted Communication where applicable). This will enable them to become successful learners, now and in their future lives. Through meaningful, real life learning experiences and challenges, pupils will develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to develop an ambitious attitude to language learning, oracy, literacy, communication and literature.


Key Concepts & Strands

  • To use languages effectively we must understand that they are constructed, connected, and evolving.

  • Using languages effectively helps us to belong, contribute, create and communicate.

  • As capable communicators we use and adapt languages for different audiences, purposes and contexts

  • Communicating accurately with others contributes to how we understand, sympathise, empathise, connect and share experiences and work with others.

  • Experiencing and enjoying literature promotes critical and creative thinking, stimulating our imagination and develops our understanding of the world

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